Fraud pledge

Take the fraud pledge to show what you are doing to manage the risk of fraud and protect your charity’s assets.

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My charity pledges to work actively to prevent fraud wherever it might occur in our organisation.

In making this pledge we promise to:

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1. Appoint

a suitable person (staff member, volunteer or trustee) to champion counter fraud work throughout our organisation.

2. Ensure

that all our trustees are aware of their legal duty to protect the charity’s assets.

3. Consult

with staff, volunteers and trustees to identify the types of fraud that threaten us and the ways we can prevent them.

4. Create

a written fraud policy and share it regularly – with staff, volunteers and trustees – so that everyone understands what fraud is and how they can help prevent it.

5. Perform

checks on the individuals and organisations with whom we have a financial relationship.

6. Assess

each year how well our fraud controls are working, taking into account new risks and making improvements as needed.

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By uploading our logo I/we agree to the Fraud Advisory Panel and Charity Commission for England and Wales publishing our organisation’s logo on this website in the list of organisations that have signed the pledge. Please see our website terms and conditions for further detail.

When you sign up to the Fraud Pledge we will process your personal data in accordance with our privacy notice.

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