We. Can. Do. This. Charity Fraud Awareness Week

Charity Fraud Awareness Week brings together the charity and not-for-profit sectors from around the world to raise awareness and share good practice in tackling fraud and cybercrime.

Preventing charity fraud

Charities can be susceptible to fraud. Understand the risks and get the tools to better protect your charity from fraud and cybercrime.

Sign the pledge

My charity pledges to work actively to prevent fraud wherever it might occur in our organisation.

We can do this. TODAY

3 ways to get started

  1. Get involved in charity fraud awareness week
  2. Use (and share!) the free online resources
  3. Take the fraud pledge


What is payment diversion fraud, and how can you avoid it?

Payment diversion is a type of impersonation fraud. In its most basic form, it started when humans began exchanging products and services for payment, be that early coinage, a sheep, a cartwheel or a flagon of wine.

Shine a light and sign the Fraud Pledge!

Close your eyes. Imagine a fraudster. What do they look like? A shadowy figure, deeply suspicious and clearly criminal, working outside of the organisation and planning sophisticated ways to get around your safeguards?


Our helpsheets offer information, advice and practical actions on grant fraud, cyber security, moving money, financial security and more.

Financial protection


  • Dave Carter
    Charity Fraud Awareness Week is a highlight of our year. It gives us the opportunity to come together as a sector and to also engage with our global organisation. We generally hold multiple events in various locations, including townhall meetings, training and quizzes. The engagement we’ve had internally has been fantastic.
    Dave Carter
    Head of Global Counter Fraud, British Council
  • Caron Bradshaw
    With charity fraud becoming ever more sophisticated, the time to keep the risks uppermost in our minds is now. Many charities and their staff and volunteers are under increased economic pressure. With new financial reporting obligations on fraud now in effect, charities must be supported with fraud prevention and detection. Every organisation is susceptible, charities are not immune to the risks, but by raising awareness and sharing vital resources we can tackle fraud, together. We’re proud to support Charity Fraud Awareness Week and once again urge charities to take the Fraud Pledge.
    Caron Bradshaw
    CEO, Charity Finance Group (CFG)

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